U Pointer is the interactive whiteboard which adopts the Image Processing Technology. It provides interactivity between PC and Display so you can use any display as the interactive whiteboard.
In conjunction with a projector and notebook or PC with U-pointer any wall or table can be converted into an electronic and interactive virtual white board. U-pointer can be taken anywhere and easily deployed and is fixed mounted compared to interactive panels is also much cheaper.
U-Pointer can work with - Any surface, Any software, Anywhere and makes your teaching interactive.
Record your interactive lectures with audio/video & play it at wall or upload on Internet..
Interactive surface goes upto 180" diagonal with operating distance just between 1-4 Meters
Works with both long throw and short throw projectors.
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We are the only genuine source for U-Pointer in India.
U-Pointer lets you:
Project on any surface and turn it into an interactive whiteboard.
Draw on the surface electronically.
Change the colours of your pen.
Change the size of your pen.
Save your work.
U-Pointer lets you:
Comfortable to use: The U-Pointer is supplied with a small electronic pen which is comfortable to hold and use feel at ease using something no larger than a small marker pen.
Portable: Take U-Pointer with you wherever you go.Unlike conventional whiteboards or other portable systems, it can be packed away and set up again in minutes. Never have to present without your presentation tools again.
Simple Installation: Mount the U-Pointer on or near your projector.Connect the U-Pointer, using the supplied USB-cable, to your computer. Calibrate the system in less than 1 minute. Enjoy using your interactive whiteboard system.Total time taken - 2 minutes.
No Additional Cable Runs Only one additional cable is required to use U-Pointer and this follows the same path as the cable which connects your computer to your projector.
Single & double-click, and a conventional drag and drop mouse are all fully supported by the pointer pen.
Maximum mobility through wireless presentation on a projection up to 150 cm diagonal.
Interactive control of the PC.
Accurate works:
The high resolution of the U-pointer allows you smaller letters than on a Tablet PC to write;
A fast response time of more than 60 frames per second sampling rate gives you the feeling as if you were working on a traditional white board;
Will be no need for listeners to take notes and the eyes of the public always be directed to either screen or the moderator. Subscribed or written notes can after the presentation in the computer file to be printed format.
Low Cost:
The cost of U-Pointer is significantly lower than the cost of comparable active whiteboards.However, factoring in the minimal cost of installation when compared to an active whiteboard, means that U-Pointer truly offers a low-cost alternative.
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